I am Engineer 'H' in ISRO with Grade pay of 10000. I am Deputy Director, SDAPSA in NRSC, ISRO. All the DDs (with same grade/grade pay) in NRSC are provided exclusive A/C taxis for pick up/drop for office duty but I have opted for using my own car instead of office car for my convenience. I am therefore eligible to get transport allowance of 7000+DA. But my office is giving me only 3200+DA. The reason given is those who are eligible for exclusive staff car are only eligible for 7000+DA and not the exclusive taxi.

I want the clarification on 'what is the difference between exclusive staff car and exclusive hired A/C taxi' and why the transport allowance is different 7000+DA and 3200+DA for these two cases eventhough all DDs are in same grade/grade pay.