I am a civil defence employee and I have put on 25 years service as stenographer. I am working in a minor unit where a military person is dealing with all our civil matters. Our pay and allowances are credited into the unit public fund account by the PCDA (SC) and then we get the clearance. every time our pay gets credited inot public fund a/c the person/officer who is handling the a/c takes nearly 6-10 days or more days to give the clearance, we are facing this problem for years and years. I just want to know what is the rules for holding our pay & allce into public fund a/c or what is the duration of time to keep our payment in the a/c. I feel this is a type of harrassment by the head clerk (who is a army person) on the the civilians. Can any one explain me with the rules so that I can we can get justice.