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Thread: Discrepancy regarding fixation

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    Default Discrepancy regarding fixation

    I joined in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as a TGT (PET) on 24-06-2005 in Bhopal region on direct recruitment basis. Navodaya Vidyalayas are run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti an autonomous organisation under Ministry of HRD, Govt of India. I joined in the pre-revised scale 5500-175-9000.

    In 2008 6th CPC was announced and this scale was revised as 9300-34800 with GP-4600. The new entrants who joined on or after 01-01-2006 was given entry scale as 12540+4600= 17140 basic as on whenever they joined in the year 2006 or later.

    I was stepped up as 10230+4600= 14830 on 01-01-2006. Where as new recruitees was given 12540+4600=17140 as basic on 01-01-2006.

    I asked to my office about the discrepancy. They asked me to give any reference of junior in the same cadre, same post, same deptt and in the same region getting higher salary. I searched for such a case and found one Mr. M.M. Patel TGT PET who joined on 02-07-2007 and was given 12540+4600=17140 basic pay. So I was stepped up according to his basic and was granted basic pay as 12540+4600=17140 0n 02-07-2007.

    In July, 2011 I got request transfer from Bhopal region to Shillong region at JNV Bongaigaon. After coming here I found that One Mr. S ghatak TGT PET who joined the Samiti on 03-07-2006 is getting basic pay 15890+4600=20490 on 03-07-2012 because he was given entry scale from 2006 itself. Whereas my basic as on 03-07-2012 is 15290+4600=19890. There is again my junior getting higher salary than me. I again asked my office regarding the discrepancy. Now they told me that you can not be compared with a TGT of Shillong region as you joined in Bhopal region. Our department clarifies this as "Since the seniority list of TGTs are maintained region wise, the pay anomaly is to be compared/ refereed to within the Region in the subject on which Regional seniority list is available".

    As per as I know the Deptt. of P&T has clarified this many times that a junior can not get higher salary than senior in the same cadre or post. Our deptt. has all India transfer liability whether they are TGTs or PGTs or any other employee of the Samiti. So I think fixation should be done on the basis of joining date irrespective of Region not on the basis of seniority list maintained at Regional level.

    So please suggest me what should I do?


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    The issue of DR getting more pay was discussed in the recent meeting held in July 2012. It is expected that some relief would be given. We may have to await
    for orders in this regard.


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