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Thread: where to settle after retirement? home town or permanent residence?

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    Default where to settle after retirement? home town or permanent residence?

    hi all,

    i am taking voluntary retirement to pursue my interests in Cinema & Environment.

    my present HQtrs is Visakhapatnam, AP. While I will be working out of Hyderabad, AP
    most of the time am likely to travel a lot. i want to know the pros and cons of choosing
    a place for filling up the pension forms. How is Home Town related to this aspect? Claim of transfer of Persoal Effects to be made to which place? etc.
    any suggestions are welcome.
    i can be reached at
    -gangadhar panday
    winners never quit
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    You may choose anywhere in India to settle. The existing Home Town, as declared in official records does not have to do anything in this regard. You shall get composite transfer grant (1/3rd of it if settled within municipal limits of headquarters served last and when change of residence in necessary), carriage cost of personal effects including personal vehicle as per entitlement and TA for self and members of family residing with you to the chosen place of settlement.
    Alok Sinha.

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