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Thread: Pension fixed wrongly Consultant needed

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    Default Pension fixed wrongly Consultant needed

    I have formally appealed in vain to all authorities (AG, Gujarat etc.) for a year now that I have a grievance that my pension has been wrongly fixed after 6th CPC but they are delaying matters and not giving any reply except that they are looking into it. I am not available for any personal meeting until early 2013 as I am not in India now. I am in search of a Pension Expert who will examine my case in depth and help pension authorities to refix my pension. I will pay an honorarium and connected expenses. I am a retired All India service officer of Gujarat cadre but was mostly on deputation. I have copies of all documents. I need a real pension expert as it seems somewhat complex.
    Any volunteer?
    S S Vaidyanathan

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    Dera Shri SSV,

    May be our friends may be able to help you.
    Pl email your "full" details to Shri A V Mukuntharajan, Gen Sec, AIFPA (Regd) Chennai - also Gen Sec of Pensioners' Forum, an affiliated association to the former at his email id.
    His email id is easy - type his name(without initials) followed by @gmail.com giving my reference. You may mark a copy to me (use vnat39 as name followed by @gmail.com


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