This is grievance of prsent STS grade officers in OFB who were promoted to AWM/JTS in 2005 just few months before 6cpc 1.1.2006. While JWMs much juniors to us have been granted 2 ACPs & then 3rd MACP thus got windfall benefits with GP of 6600/- wef 1.9.2008,while we, STS promoted after putting 4-5 yrs group "A" service in 2010 are getting 6600/- GP from this date ti.e. later than their juniors two steps below. Is not an irony? WE are shattered. Our rep. are gathering dust in Hqrs with just one line answ "we are under organised group "A" service and hence not eligible for any MACP. Gross injustice isn't it?. Let us ponder over this and make concerted efforts to remove this anamoly by exploring way to CAT and get some respect from our juniors who are mocking at us with GP 6600/-in PB-3 in their purse w/o putting any efforts to get promotion as we did?Thanks