I need urgent clarification regarding LTC.requesting everybody to clarify me............
I appointed in 2005(GP-4200) now i am in GP-4600.i comes as new recruit and my initial 8years(2005-08 & 2009-12) taken as 2 blocks.now iam mentioning about 2nd block as below

2009-HT not availed
2010-HT availed by converting as NER
2011-HT not availed
2012-All India
In the same block i am not eligible to convert another HT as NER or J&K.So i am thinking to go J&K against All India LTC,now my doubt is whether i am eligible to travel by air from Delhi to J&K as per recently DoPT released FAQ(point no 4,5,6,7,8) avaialable in website, OM NO. 31011/2/2003-Estt. (A-IV) date 18th june 2010, OM No. 31011/8/2010-Estt.(A) dated 21st December 2011 and OM No.31011/8/2010-Estt.(A) dated 18th January 2012,while going to J&K against All India LTC non entitled officers will be eligible upto Delhi as per their entitlement(IIAC) and from Delhi to Srinagar by air.
If I am eligible mention me the OMs which are showing my eligibility,before apply for Advance I asked our ADM people they told me your eligible,based on that i booked tickets to travel.now they telling me the above mentioned OMs are not for fresh recruits and it is not clear for new recruits.They contacted other units of DAE orally they got clarification but our AO-III asking for written document for clarification. i'll be thankful for this help.