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Thread: what are the rules for transfer?

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    Default what are the rules for transfer?

    I am employed with an autonomous body under the GOI which has no transfer policy except that the top gun in whom all power is vested transfers guys he doesnt like to remote stations and those he likes to hometown postings. I am posted at Delhi. My wife is with the AFHQ at Delhi and cannot be transfered. I have a small son and a baby daughter. I am already running two establishments with my aged parents in the South and my family at Delhi. Now it appears that there is a move to transfer me elsewhere. Is there any remedy?

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    Default Re:what are the rules for transfer?

    I work for the Govt. of Puducherry and, like the above officer, I too have been shunted out to the farthest regions of this Union Territory- Yanam ( in E. Godavari Dist. of A.P.) & more recently to Karaikal.
    My wife is employed as an Officer in a scheduled bank, and my transfers were effected, on the whims and fancies of the powers that be, throwing all established norms (if theres any) to the winds.
    Due to this indiscriminate policy (where my immediate subordinate was promoted & posted in my place, by shunting me out to Karaikal), my family and I have suffered untold miseries and still dread the very thought of a shuffel in the ranks.
    Is there any hope/remedy to dedicated people like us who do not/cannot afford to have the protection of a Godfather.
    Or is the Govt really inculcating the virtues of cultivating such habits?
    Comments/suggestions are welcome please.

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