I would be very grateful if someone could kindly clarify whether/which of
the following items are admissible under Children Education Allowance
1.Mess Fee
2. Exam Fee
3. Registration Fee
4. Annual Fee
5. Building Fund
6. Establishment Fee
7. Progress Report Card Fee
8. Medical Fee
9. Room Rent Fee
10. Student Association Fund
11. Festival & Function Fee
12. Maintenance Fee
13. Development Fee
14. Electric & Water Fee
15. Misc. Fee
16. Fine on Late/Mobile.
17. Magazine Fee
18. Canvass Shoe
19. Sweater
20. T-Shirt
21. Instrument Box
22. Devotional / Song Book
23. Diary Book
24. College News Fee
25. Computer Fee
26. Whether Mess Fee, Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee all the three are
admissible for a hosteller claim.
27. And lastly as per Office Memorandum No.120 1l/03/2008-Estt.
(Allowance), Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public
Grievances and Pensions, (Department of Personnel & Training), New
Delhi, the 2nd September, 2008 the following are admissible in
Children Education Allowance Scheme:-
(a) special fee charged for agriculture,
(b) electronics,
(c) or any other subject,
(d) Fee charged for practical work under the programme of work experience,
(e) fee paid for the use of any aid or appliance by the child,
(f) and fee for extra-curricular activities.

However, as seen above, what are the items that can fall under the
above clauses (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f). For example at (c) or any other
subject means it can include a wide ranges of items incurred on
education. I, therefore, request your kind clarification.

Thanking You.