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Thread: Pay Scale revision in r/o Stenographers and Assistant Accountants

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    Question Pay Scale revision in r/o Stenographers and Assistant Accountants

    The IV Pay Commission Pay Scale of Rs.1400-2600 in respect of Stenographers was initially replaced in the year 1997 with a scale of pay of Rs.1640-2900 with retrospective effect from 1.1.1986 with arrears to accrue from July 1993.

    In respect of Assistant Accountants who were also earlier drawing the same scale of 1400-2600 from 1.1.86 on par with the Stenographers was revised to 1640-2900 from 1.12.95 and the corresponding pay scale of 5500-9000 from 1.1.96, in the year 1998.

    To remove discriminatory treatment among different categories of employees the replacement scale of 1640-2900 was given in the year 2003/2004 to Asst. Accountants also from 1.1.1986 in comparison with Stenographers with arrears to accrue from DECEMBER 1990.

    Subsequently the said scale of 5500-9000 for Asst. Accountants was upgraded further to 6500-10500 from 1.1.1996.

    At present the said Asst. Accountants are upgraded to a pay scale of Rs.7450-11500 from 1.1.2006.

    Whereas, the case of Stenograpahers, with whom the case of Asst. Accountants was compared as equally placed category with regard to the scale 1640-2900, has never undergone any change till the 6th Pay Commission. The arrears also in their case was to accrue only from 1993, as against 1990 in the case of Asst. Accountants. The Asst. Accountants who were attempting to be on par with the pay scale of 1986 of their counterparts ie. Stenographers, have so far seen two scale revision in every 10 years. But the Stenographers were put on still from 1986 onwards with no scale revision, but only pay revision to the corresponding equivalent revised pay structure in both the pay commission. My question here is whether discriminatory treatment among different categories equally placed, has finally been removed at all?

    Best regards.

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    Default Stenographers should be made at par

    Look Gentlemen, The 6 P.C. and the Om referred above has revised the pay of Stenographer II and Assistants from 5000-8000 to 6500-10500 within 5 PC scales itself. However, consequent upon merging of 5000, 5500 and 6500 all those in the three above scales would be placed in Grade Pay of 4200. Through its recent order of granting 4600 Grade Pay for those whose pre-revised scale was 6500-10500 the government has uplifted the 6500 so called Gazetted guys to 4600. This order will not be applicable to
    Stenographers II, and Assistants who were in 5000-8000 and have got the revised scale of 6500-10500 in 6 PC before placing them in 4200 GRADE PAY. The 13th October 2008, vide para 3, with clear example, insists that in case of upgradations of 6 P.C. the fitment table correasponding to the pre-revised scale should be used for fixation and not the revised scale, meaning that the the fixation for those posts who have been granted 6500-10500 revised scale (pre-revised scale 5000-8000) will be fixed directly from their basic and GP etc. in 5000-8000 with 1.86 factor in the PB-2. This act deprives them from the benefit that they would have got had they been placed in the revised scale of 6500-10500 and then placed in PB2. This sort of fixation is applicable to even those posts which have been upgraded to 7450 from 6500. The staff side has represented this anamoly to the anamoly committee and the Government in its meeting has communicated to re-considered this demand of staff side to provide for fixation of those posts which have been given revised scales in the revised scales and then revise their scales inthe 6 P.C. scales. Till then we will have to wait. The financial benefit in individual cases, especially to the new recruits (diffrential benefits) would be sumptuous in case the government agrees to this. But the Goverment has to agree to it, as it has accepted the parity recommended by the 6 P.C. In fact, it is the Government which required the 6 P.C. to recommend the parity in the possible areas through its reference note. Giving parity, and not accepting the parity in pay scales it is unjust.

    Similarly, while recommending the parity, the 6 P.C. has also recommended the merger of the posts of Assistants with that of Stenographer II and stop the recruitment of Stenographers which the 6 PC feels redundant after the usage of computers and both the posts Assistants and Stenograper II as well as U.D.c and Stenographer III should be in a position to perform each other's function, as the Stenographers at various levels, in many field offices are performing the functions of UDC, Assistants even more than that as a versatile personality and master of all, already. If the Government issues orders to this effect, it will certainly give booster to the most efficient, knowledgeable, versatile, ambitious, but unfortunate, and stagnated lot of Stenographers, as it will open up many promotional avenues to them at par with other clerical babus. We will have to wait and see. There should also be a forum of Stenographers to discuss these issues by the stenographers.


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