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Thread: Information about appropriate authority

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    Default Information about appropriate authority

    Learned Board members ,

    Some of the people working in my office, as an act of favoritism by senior officer, has been paid reimbursements of tuition fees in respect of their third children, in utter contravention of the Orders issued by DOPT in this regard.

    The matter was brought to the notice of Secretary of the concerned Ministry, Central Vigilance Commission and Controller General of Accounts, being the administrative controlling office of Pay and Accounts office which has made the payment but no action has been taken by any of the above mentioned authority so far.

    Could the members of the Board guide which is the appropriate authority which exercises jurisdiction in the aforesaid matter.

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    @Yogendar, pl. see that the original Om dt 2-9-2008, allowed CEA for 'max. of two children'.In many offices claims were given accdgly. However,ion 13-11-2009, DOPT issued the clarification extending the VVN of KVs also under CEA and stted eve in all past cases where VVN was disallowed,the same may be given. In the 2nd para of said OM, it was stated many depts are seeking clarifications on eligibility to any two children and it ws clarified that CEA will be admissible for the 'eldest two surviving children only'.However,it was silent as to whether already settled claims are to be reopened and regularised/recovery effected.The DOPT has replied under RTI that no recovery was effecyed in their own office.So claims allowed as per 2-9-08OM will be admissible nd claims made after 13-11-09/pending as on date may be regulated for 'the eldest two surviving children only'.
    with regards,

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    Many thanks for your reply which I culd not go through earlier. In the instant cases, the payment was made in March, 2011 as such there ought not to be any confusion. In my viewit has been an abuse of administrative authoriy.

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