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I'd like to know about the pay and allowances that can be availed during child care leave. There's a lot of confusion whether women employees will be paid grade pay, DA, HRA and TA during CCL. Please clarify.
The Thread started with regard to entitlements and got diverted midway.
With regard to restriction aspects, I fully agree with Shri Jitendarjee.
Let us imagine a situation where a female employee had already exhausted her leave during her delivery time, etc. In such cases, the child care leave is in fact a God's Gift. On the contrary, if another female employee already has sufficient leave balance, it is quite natural that as and when she looses her balance, she can better utilise the Child care leave provided the children are below 18 years. Any restriction also has the interest of the concerned employee. Similarly leave denial also in some cases happened to be in the interest of the employee only. Why we are having restriction on PF Advance and Withdrawal. Because, it will come handy one day or the other day.
Let us have positive approach. Such restrictions in reality are going to help the employees not to exhaust all available leave and go on loss of pay.
Even if an employee exhuasted all her leave, and even after availing child care leave may be in single spell, she will be left with 60 days EL that were earned by her during her child care leave (If I am not correct, I prefer to stand corrected in this aspect).

Therefore, the entire issue in this regard may have to be left with woman employees, who may be the better judge in their own case. As far as ourselves is concerned, there are so many issues waiting for our attention.
We may focus on the same to get timely response from the concerned authorities.

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