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Thread: pay fixation

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    Default pay fixation

    I was drawing Rs.9040/- GP 2400 as on sept 2010 as Asst Gr II. I was given adhoc for 1 year from 25.10.2010 to 25.10.2011 in the grade pay of Rs.4200/- as Asst. Gr.I and fixed Rs.9390/- + 4200. Again I was reverted back as Gr.II from 26.10.2011. I was given increment in higher scale (Rs.9800 + 4200) but recovered in subsequent month (from Jul to Sept) Oct 2011. I was promoted as Gr.I in recent LDCE from 29.12.2011. How will be my fixation and at the same time whether I am eligible for increment for July 2011 in higher scale (GP 4200) ie., during officiating period. more clarity please

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    Default Pay fixation

    Please clarify as to whether after the implementation of 6th PC, option for fixation of pay after drawal of increment is available. Under FR 22(1)(a)_(ii).there will be change of grade pay only. If an official gets upgradation in the month of June, and the pay is fixed under FR 22(1)(a)(ii) by giving him the increased grade pay, will he be eligible to get his next increment in the month of July of the same year or should he wait till next year. Alternatively whether he can opt to get his grade pay fixed after drawal of increment. Please quote with specific rules, if possible



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    Employee getting financial upgradation between jan to june should always think while opting for date of revision immediate benefit or long term loss should be weighed

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