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Thread: Pay Fixation

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    Default Pay Fixation

    Dear Sir,
    This I am writing on behalf of my colleague
    He was placed in the SOSE grade 12000-375-16500 on the date of implementation of the 6th pay commission. His normal increment due falls on 1st August every year. He was called for promotion interview on July 20th 2007. However the promotion letter was issued on 8/8/07. According to the DOPT circular promotion should be given perspective date , ie 1st Aug 2007. This was not done in his case.
    Consequently he was fixed on a basic of Rs 17,100-as on 8/8/07(which according to him is not correct).Had the promotion was given on normal date of increment, his basic should have been Rs 17900.
    His new basic was fixed at the lowest of the SOSF grade in the 6th pay scale ie Rs 37,400,even though he was almost at the fag end of the SOSF scale.(ie basic 17,900).
    If he selects the date of pay fixation as his date of promotion, what should be his basic in the new pay commission scale?
    And incidentally does it mean that he should forgo the arrears from 1.1.06 till his date of promotion, ie 8.8.07.
    Kindly clarify the above.
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