This is is a doubt concerning the FIXATION OF INITIAL PAY to be done for implementing the 6PC as on 1.1.06.
(1)My basic pay as on 1.1.06 is 11650/- on account of me holding a higher post on officiating basis (of scale 12000- 375-16500) by revision of my basic of 10650/- of my substantive grade ( of pay scale 10000- 325- 15200) revision being on account of application of FR22 & further FR35.
It is to be noted that during salary drawn under 5Pay rules, I had been drawing all my allowances i.e. HRA, DA , DP etc based on basic= 11650/-.

(2)My DDO says that for the fixation of initial pay , 11650/- cannot be considered as 'existing basic pay' as on 1.1.06 even if it is my 'offciating pay ' reason being 11650 does not correspond to any of the stages of the prerevised scales of the substantive or the officiating grade.
Thus even if 11650/- was earlier considered as basic pay for calculations of various allowances , But now, during implementing of 6P rules, 11650/- is not being allowed to be considered as 'existing basic pay"