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Thread: LTC for new recruits

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    Default LTC for new recruits


    I joined in 2006 and so come under new recruit category for LTC claim. I availed All India LTC in 2008 and no Hometown in the block of fouyr years from 2006 to 2009. According to 6 CPC, a new recruit can avail three hometowns and All India in a block of four years in the first eight years of service.

    In July 2010, I availed All India again in the next four year block. I was suggested by establishment sectoin to write 2010-2011 in the Block year colomn in the LTC application form. This year in September 2011, I have applied for Home town. Office rejected my application saying that I wrote 2010-11 in the previous form. They say that I should write calender year. Because of this, I have lost one HOmetown out of three Hometown trips.

    My point is that the "block of two years" is not at all applicable to the new recruits. Even if that is the case, they should suggest us in time to help the employee. DoPT OM clearly mentions that though the blocks remain the same, entitlements are different for the new recruits.

    Kindly clarify this, if any one has any idea.

    I booked Air India tickets and lost Rs.5000/- in caneclling those tickets


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    The view point of your office is in order

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