The other day, I went to Department of Expenditure and met the US concerned to seek some clarification about Transfer TA. He, inter alia observed that Transfer on Deputation is not a transfer in public interest. It is only a personal transfer.

On being pointed out that the deputation is from one central Department to another Central Department, he replied that it is the employee himself who sought the deputation by applying for it, and as such, it is personal to you.

I have seen a number of cases where employees are selected on deputation to other departments, and both lending and borrowing departments have treated such deputation transfers as public interest transfers granting all TA allowances etc. Even in this forum it is written in discussion my many ipso facto assuming such transfers are public interest transfers and going on discussing about TA grants etc.

The observations of the US is surprising. Is there any rule under which it is stated that deputation transfer is a personal transfer ?