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    My friend and his colleague joined service on the same day. Subsequently my friend got promotion to the post carrying GP of Rs.4200 through passing limited departmental examination. He was on probation for a period of two years which was extended by one more year ie.third year. His colleague did not write the departmental examinations. During the extended period of probation he and his colleague completed 20 years of service and both became eligible for MACP. My friend was not given MACP from the due date for the reason that his probation period was extended and whereas his colleague got the MACP to the GP 4200 without any problem. He was given MACP after successful completion of PP and he was at a loss financially. Whereas his colleague who joined along with him and did not even write the departmental exam for promotion was given MACP without any hassle. Having got the promotion the poor fellow was deprived of MACP for extension of probation. The stand taken by his department is correct or not. Please comment

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    Financial upgradation under MACP Scheme is subject to the employee meeting the benchmark of "Good" in his ACRs. So if your friend is meeting this benchmark then financial upgradation under MACP cannot be refused.


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