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Thread: Transport Allowance(TPT) arrear

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    Default Transport Allowance(TPT) arrear

    Respected Seniors,
    I am working in Ministry of Defense. I was away from office for some work assignment as a part my job inside india. In that duration, my office and reporting place were not same. I was on TD (temporary duty) in India for TWO years and proper Movement Order was issued accordingly.
    I was given full pay excluding TPT (transport allowance).
    I was also given TA/DA for first six months. my question is

    Can i claim my TPT arrears for remaining one and half year and how?
    If there is any rule kindly mention.
    Thanking you.

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    In case station of posting is less than 6 months it is considered as temporary transfter and ta/da is paid other wise transfer ta be paid

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    Junior Member roykrisanu is on a distinguished road
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    Thank you very much sir. kindly suggest if there is any OM or govt order or any rule under section - i can claim my TPT allowance for 2 years during traing period in india, kindly mention. office asking me any official order or rule.

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