Resp. Members,

I am working in a Govt. Department as Training Officer since 1996. I possess a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. For a promotion to a Principal Post Cadre the Recruitment Rules qualifications is Diploma in any Engineering Branch or Equivalent. Since i don't possess a that i have been denied a promotion in department. I am of feeling that PGDCA (10+5+1 Offered by University) is much higher that Diploma in Engg. (10+3 Affiliated to AICTE). Upon representation i received a reply from dept. that i don't have ANY PROMOTIONAL AVENUES IN DEPT.

Can senior members help me in knowing :
1. Is that any way to Equate both the above mentioned qualification.
2. Is it Governments duty to grant their Employees atleast TWO promotions. I happed to read this in a Court Verdict. But i am not sure...
3. Is there any other way i can get a promotion.