In NYKS a central autonomous body, the post of Junior Accountant in the scale of pay of 4500-125-7000 is not sanctioned post as on the date of implimentation of the scheme of ACP. The Post was sanctioned in 2007 while ACP was implimented on 16-05-2001. The Post of Junior Accountant is the next grade of hierarchy to the Accounts Clerk cum Typists in the scale of pay of 4000-100-6000.
Only ad-hoc promotions were made for 5 Junior Accountants which were regularized in 2007 after posts are sanctioned.
Above the post of Junior Accountant is Junior Accounts Officer/Accountant in the scale of pay of 5500-175-9000 which is a sanctioned post.

Normally a post will be created, then RRs will be framed and then appointments will be made while in NYKS posts are filled up in 1987 RRs framed in 1998 and posts sanctioned in 2007. That is totally reverse.

In this situation, will ad-hoc promotions (ACT to Junior Accountant) given is valid (non-sanctioned Posts) and constitute the next grde of hierarchy for the post of ACT? Please reply