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Dear Sh. Subba Rao,
It is not correct to say that the pensioners are not interested in getting revised PPO from the CPAO or other administrative authorities. Most of them are not aware of the procedure.I have already got my PPO revised including incorporation the revised pay scale and date of birth of my spouse, which details were not available in the earlier PPO( It is a different matter that in that process my name has been mis-spelt in the revised PPO needing yet another amendment!)
In case of civil pensioners a request has to be made for amendment to the COA of the Dept/Ministry who in turn will take up with the CPAO for formal revision/amdmt of the PPO.For Rlys this function is done by the respective Rlys.
The Pensioners should check up whether details of their last pay scale, its revision after tthe 6CPC, date of birth of the pensioner and his/her spouse are avaialable in the PPO. If any of these details are missing, it is better to request for amendment/revision

Dear Shri Ramdas,
I should be grateful to know the authority to be approached for incorporating details regarding pay scale and date of birth of the spouse.I retired in 1996 and my PPO does not contain these details.In the absence of pay scale,I had a hard time getting my pension revised as per 6th CPC.Dr.M.Jauhari