In Rlys. there are officers in 2 categories. 1 Direct Recruits(Group A),2 on promotion from departmental cadre,(Group B). Once an officer from departmental channel is inducted into group 'A' cadre,he/she is interpolated into group A seniority & become member of homogenous group S service for further benifits and if the duties and responsibilities do not differ he/she should be discriminited against in the matter of pay fixation.
(S.C.decision reported as 1987(1) SCC 582 Telecom Research Centre Scientific Officers(Class-1) Association and Ors.VS UOI and Ors.)
In all departmenrts of the central government including Rlys. A Non-Functional Selection Grade(NFSG 14300-18000 'V'CPC scale) was provided in the Jr.Administrative Grade(JAG) to prevent stagnation.(For the benifit of DRs as mostly DRs get promotion to next higher grades). It constitutes 30% of the total Functional Jr.Admn.Grade(5th CPC Scale S 21-23).The designation,duties,powers(disciplinary and financial) and responsibilities are the same for JAG and NFSG. There are no posts specially identified to be manned by JAG and NFSG and incumbents are intertransferred. NFSG is not a promotional grade in any case.
Due to pay band structure there is no question of any stagnation before promotion to next grade. In 6 CPC pay band structure JAG is grouped with Asstt. and Sr.Scale officers in PB-3 and is humiliation of Administrative Grade/Category.
Rly.Bd's letter RBE135/2000 of 14-7-2000 clearly spells out that NFSG is segment of JAG and that it will not be treated as a Promotion.
However while implementing 6th CPC recommendations the said existing Scale S24 has been placed in PB-4 leaving behind JAG in PB-3. This has resulted higher pay packet to the erstwhile S24 than JAG S21-23.(diff. is 22k+ in pay and 11k+ in pension of old pre 2006 pensioners which is heart burning, though the duties and responsibilities remains identically same. This is an anomaly which is adverly affecting the minimum gurantreed pension of pre 2006 retirees ( 11k+)and need to be set right at the earliest, as it is heart burning and humilition.