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Thread: Transport Allowance

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    Default Transport Allowance


    Where Can I find the letter through which the Transport allowance was originally introduced (prior to 6CPC) and which lays down conditions for grant of Tpt allowance, more particularly double the allowance to differently abled persons and the nature of handicap to get the double rate?

    Thanks and Rgds


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    The original OM No.21 (1)/97/E.II(B): 3/10/1997 is available here


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    Venkat Sir,

    Thank you very much.

    SIr, I have a doubt w.r.t. a particular clause in the said letter. The same is given below :

    The Govt. order, inter alia, states :

    In terms of this Ministry's order vide OM 19029/1/78-E.IV (B) dated 31.8.78, as amended from time to time, conveyance allowance is admissible to such of the Central Government employees borne or regular establishment (including work-charred staff) as are B L I N D or are Orthopaedically Handiapped with disability of lower extremities. Consequent upon coming into force of these orders, such conveyance allowance shall be abolished and instead all such employees may now be paid transport allowance at double the normal rates prescribed under these orders.

    A Visually Impared person with 40/60% handicap in another office (of my department) has been deprived of DOUBLE transport allowance due to the reason that he is NOT BLIND (but only partially visually impaired) and that the orders are cleared for Ortho handicapped allowing them with disability with lower extremities. However, in my office, we are paying DOUBLE Tpt for two individuals with partial impairement.

    Who is correct?


    RK Rao
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