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Thread: Classification of the post of Senior Hindi Translator

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    Default Classification of the post of Senior Hindi Translator

    Dear Sir,

    Thank You for the reply. But, as reply to an application under RTI, the Department has already clarified that the post of Senior Hindi Translator belongs to Group 'B' and on the basis of that reply only, I have applied for LTC to NER.
    But I the case of LTC, the Department has changed its view. How is this possible?
    Moreover, if the post belongs to Group 'C' even after has got a GP of 4600, the Department should have informed the same to the DOPT within 3 months. Am I right Sir?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sree View Post
    I am working as Senior Hindi Translator (PB 2 with GP 4600). As per the orders of the DOPT, all the posts having a GP of 4600/- are classified as Group 'B'. Accordingly, I had applied for LTC to NER (by flight from the station of posting). But the department has rejected my claim stating that the post belongs to Group 'C' only as the Recruitment Rules (1996) are not revised. Is it possible for any Department to overlook the orders of the DOPT regarding the classification of posts after a gap of years without informing the DOPT? Please clarify whether I am eligible to travel by air (from the station of posting) to NER?
    The orders issued by DOPT are generic in nature and exceptions are permissible. The classification indicated in the RRs will prevail untill it is reviewed/revised in consultation with DOPT. You will, therefore, be treated as a Group C employee and will not be entitled to travel by air to NER.


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