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Thread: Pension Arrears to Family Pensioners / Sr. Pensioners

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    Senior Member sudacgwb
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    Question Pension Arrears to Family Pensioners / Sr. Pensioners

    The govt has decided to take note of the plight of the senior pensioners, viz. who are above 80 years of age and has decided to dole out extra pensions ranging from 20 to 100 % depending upon the age.

    I want to point out to govt. through the discussion board that the govt. should have paid the full arrears for all (a) family pensioners and (b) senior pensioners who are above 80 years of age in ONE INSTALLMENT instead of 2 installments over 2 financial years. Will Board members concur?

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    Senior Member badri mannargudi is on a distinguished road
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    Default arrears to pensioners in instalments as in the case of serving employees

    I totally agree with u.The Govt should understand that at least the pesnsioners should be allowed this facility of getting the arrears in one single payment and not in instalments.

    While it is true that nobody can be sure of being alive tomorrow, general perception is that the more the aged the less the probability of seeing tomorrow. An aged pensioner may like to distribute his or her wealth the way he or she liked.

    In certain possibility, the individual pensioner may not live to see the money coming through.
    Atleast to pensioners GOI could have been magnanimous by disbursing the arrears in one payment.

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    Senior Member vnatarajan is on a distinguished road
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    Default More distress to family pensioners!

    SudaCGWB's observations are very apt. What is most distressing is- many FAMILY PENSIONERS do not know what are the new developments/ new OMs/ new rates etc.

    Many have to note that the Paying Banks/ Branches do not inform the
    HODs/PAOs concerned in time- or even late in the day- after the demise of Pensioners and then the switchover of the payments to the Family Pensioner!.

    Now, particularly after revisions arising out of CPC implementations/ OMs of DoP/ MoF etc- the distress/ plight of the Family Pensioners becomes more and more.

    Quite a few Family Pensioners wake up after a long time ! They come to know the new entitlements only when some well meaning friends (earlier colleagues of the deceased) mention about their entitlements accidentally in chance social meetings/ like occassions!!


    1.Family Pensioners (as the Paying Banks fail often) must themselves inform the HODs/ PAOs/CPAO soon after they start operating the pension accounts or force the concerned banks to act.

    2.Pensioners must keep informed about the likely legacy to the successors.

    3.DoP/ CPAO must issue strict guidelines to Banks in the matter.Often many Banks violate the RBI guidelines even for timely payments of pension every month.

    4.Whatever are the payments- like arrears etc-they must be paid in time and as a single disbursement to PENSIONERS/ FAMILY PENSIONERS.


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    Senior Member jitendraacr is on a distinguished road
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    I agree with all of you and hope that atleast this will be done by the Government for the sake of all our seniors who have served the Government wholeheartedly for so many years. This must be done. We must try to raise this demand at appropriate forum. If any one has suggetion as how we could help our seniors, I earnestly request to come forward.

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    Senior Member vnatarajan is on a distinguished road
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    Default suggestion for proceeding further in Family/Sr. Pensioner Arrears

    Many of us are active members/ executive council functionaries of various Pensioners' associations in different parts of the country. Also our associations are affiliated to larger bodies like All India Federations.

    This and similar items must be taken up for a resolution in such individual forums/ federations and the same must be referred to the DoPT at the earliest.

    Individual members/ pensioners/ family pensioners who are seeing the notings here must write to the DoPT- even thru emails.

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