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Thread: Purpose of Introduction of Running pay band

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    Default Purpose of Introduction of Running pay band

    The CCS(RP) Rule No.13 indicates that:-
    One increment equal to 3% of the sum of pay in the PB and the existing GP will be computed and rounded off to next multiple of 10. This will be added to existing pay in PB. However, if the pay in the PB after adding the increment is less than the minimum of the higher PB to which promotion is taking place, pay in the PB will be stepped to such minimum.

    In one of the Circular issued by RB, it is indicated that `Sixth CPC has not prescribed minimum pay in the pay band for the purpose of fixation of pay on promotion in the case of any grade and, fixing of minimum pay in the pay band in the case of each grade pay for departmental promotees would defeat the very purpose of introduction of running pay band'.

    6th CPC Recommendation:

    "Running pay bands
    1.2.7 A major departure from the earlier Pay Commissions
    has been made in respect of pay scales. For the first time, the
    Commission is recommending running pay bands for civilian
    employees as well as for the Defence Forces. The Fourth Central
    Pay Commission had recommended running pay bands for
    Defence Forces that were implemented. The Fifth CPC,
    however, recommended specific pay scales for civilians as well
    as Defence Forces personnel. A conscious departure has been
    made in recommending running pay bands because of the
    inherent advantages of such pay scales.

    1.2.8 Since the individual pay scales have a limited span, it often
    leads to stagnation. To ease stagnation, promotional avenues
    have to be created even though no functional justification for
    higher posts may exist. Creation of additional posts in higher
    grades through cadre reviews, etc. does not always achieve the
    desired results in terms of improved career progression.
    Movement from one pay scale to another frequently leads to
    problems in pay fixation like a senior drawing lower salary visÃ*-
    vis a junior. Running pay bands will address all these
    problems and also remove many of the pay scale related

    1.2.9 Distinct running pay bands have been recommended for
    Government employees belonging to groups A, B and C.
    Employees in group D are to be retrained and upgraded to the
    lowest grade in pay band for group C. Within Group A, an
    additional separate running pay band has been prescribed for
    posts in the scale of Rs.18400-22400 and in higher administrative

    1. The Additional separate running pay band referred to above has not been prescribed for S-29 scale of 18400-22400 but the scales above S-29 have been treated differently for revision of pay/pension.

    2. The CCS (RP) Rules No.13 regarding fixation of pay on promotion in the revised structure provides stepping up of pay to minimum of higher pay band, ie. may be valid only if promotion is taking place from one pay band to another.

    3. Denial of Stepping up in all scales within a particular pay band on promotion, whether will serve the purpose of introduction of running pay band?

    4. What is a Pay Band and what is a running pay band and so their respective minimum of pay in the pay band?

    5. What is the difference between a pay band and a running pay band?

    6. Whether there are only 4 minimum pay in the pay bands or 29 minimum pay in the pay bands corresponding to all the 29 pre-revised scale and whether 6th CPC has ever said that the minimum of the pay in the pay band is valid only for the purpose of revision (of pre-merged/pre-upgraded/pre-replaced) and not for the purpose of promotion?

    7. Whether allowing stepping up only in the case of promotion from one pay band to another pay band will not defeat the purpose of introduction of running pay band that is said to have been introduced for removing the scale based anomalies?

    8. Is there any need for fixing of minimum pay in the pay band in the case of each grade pay for departmental promotees when the same is already available as corresponding to all pre-revised scales?

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    Default The purpoe of having running Pay Band

    Due credit should be given to you for bringing out once again the purpose of the SPC for keeping a running pay band which was to facilitate the employees who were suffering on account of reaching the max in the previous pay scale and thus were stagnating. The purpose of keeping a running pay band by the SPC was to overcome the shortcommings of the 5th pay commission pay structure and to facilitate an 'assured' and continued financial progress/assendance of a Govt. servant while they progressed in years of their services in the govt.

    The SPC did not introduce the running Pay Bands so as to make it a tool in the hands of the government for curtailing its fiscal expenditure on account of salaries to its non-gr 'A' employees as is being made out by some of the above mentioned circulars of the Govt. and by the National Anamoly Committee.

    The Govt is clearly shying away from redressing the genuine grivances of its employees. In case of employees who have been upgraded from GP of Rs. 4200 to Rs.4600 the govt is not ready to recognise it as upgradation of pay scale (which would be in right spirit of the purpose for setting up the 6th pay commission in the first place and it will be in accordance with the spirit of 6th pay commissions recommendations also) and accordingly allowing stepping up of pay treating Rs.7450 x1.86 =13860 as minimum pay in the pay band which has hither to been an accepted rule in pay fixations. By virture of the same rule pay of the promotees should also be allowed to be stepped up vis-a-vis the post-2006 DR's.

    This would have gone a long way in cutting short all the anamolies and all the useless debated in the National Anamolies Commeettee (NAC) going on for over so many months resulting in mental tension and agnuish to the numerous governemnt employees who stand adversly affected by lack of sensitivity of the Govt. and callous attitude of the govt. Most of the maxims which are the center of controversy now and being debated in the NAC are established maxims of pay fixation and to my understanding were ment to be read into the 6th pay commissions recommendations like stepping up of pays of promotees in accordance with their DR juniors and stepping up of pay up to the minimum of the pay scales in the pay band.

    Therefore I do not blame the SPC for these ambiguities but to the Govt. who wants us to believe that there is ambguity in the commission recommendations. The govt is expected to have more empathy in dealing with issues such as these as it relates to the social wellbeing of the employees and the families behind each of such employees . If rightful dues of the employees are not given then the social well-being of each of our families get affected as the issue has a direct bearing on the future emoluments - the take home salary of the employees and future increments and ultimately it adversely affects the pension/retirement benifits of all affected govt servant. As such the Govt is expected to show a little empathy in dealing with the issue of emoluments at its hand.

    I few days ago I was checking the pay structure/facilities of the UN and other govt. servants in western countries and I was so amazed to see the leve of care the western govt bestow on their employees, but who cares in this country? In the present time when the entire country is realing under run-away and back-breaking inflation, we can only pray to our respective Gods that our govt be more sensitive in dealing with its employees and give our right full dues.

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