Hellow Sir,

You have done excellent work in making the 6th CPC arrears table of Central Govt. employees. You have also taken optimum care in giving near accurate work sheet.

However, due to implementation of cadre review in CSB w.e.f.
Sep.07, many staff have opted for fixing their pay after sanction of next (DNI) increment, resulting in temporary fixing of pay on 01.09.07 in the next cadre and later fixing pay as per option. Thus in this case pay is revised three times i.e., 01.01.06, 01.09.07 (actual date of imp.cadre review) and subsequent date (option) for fixing pay in higher cadre.

In the said arrears table, there are only two fields for calculating arrears i.e., 01.01.06 and date of ACP/CR/FCS

Accordingly, you may if possible try to give a patch/modify to the work sheet to fulfill the above requiremnet and to get accurate arrears figures.

Further, you may restrict the print area to only arrears work sheet excluding the instructions so that the out put is visible in A4 or Legal size.

Thanking you Sir

Mohan Rao & Shoban Babu
Central Silk Board
H Hills /Chintamani