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Thread: Non Payment of Revised Pension

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    Default Non Payment of Revised Pension

    Dear Mr Natrajan
    Probably you may remember I discussed the issue of pension revision in my case immidiatly after acceptance of 6th RPR in 2008 I live in Canada now .I retired on 31st mar 2006
    I find most of the cases discussed in this forum relate to CPAO Delhi I donot know if you deal with cases of Min o Def pension dealt by Allahabad office .
    They have not revised my pension inspite of the fact My PAO Record office officers Delhi cantt has already sent all papers after refixing my pay from 1 1 2006 I retired from MES Min of Def as AE(Civil) in old pay scale of 10000 15200
    It is almost 2 and half years since the order to revise pensions have been issued It is not done My pension was frozen at the level it was in 2008 and they are paying me the same No increase of DA or MA has been made I have many times put in my grievance thru pensioners portal Coputer genrated reply prop up that the matter has been taken up with the concerned department .I donot know whom to aproach so that corrigendum to ppo no eng/19711/2005 can be got issued
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