1. In November 1997, Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) had appointed me at the post of “Controller” in the pay scale of {7850 -275-10050-300-13650}; with three years of probation period.
2. In September 2002, after lapse of five years of regular service at the post of “Controller”, while I was drawing the then Basic pay of9225 in the pay scale of {7850 -275-10050-300-13650}; merged my services in the already existing Cadre for engineers called as GTO cadre vide Notification No 1287 dt 26.09.2002and re-designated me as “Assistant Executive Engineers” in the pay scale {8125-275-10050-300-13650}; without granting me any promotional or financial benefit. It is relevant to clarify that the post of “Assistant Executive Engineers” is not the promotional post of “Controller”. The merger took place under policy decision of the BSEB, because I possessed the same qualification and equivalent scale as that required for the Assistant Executive Engineers and was without cadre for which BSEB had mentioned in the advertisement ( 2/97) regarding its formation , but could not frame it.
3. My services can be summarized as below:-

1.11.97 to 8.12.97 -----in Service.
9.12.97 to 8.2.98 ------- special leave without pay.
9.2.98 to 26.12.2000 ------ DIES NON ( No pay has been taken during this period.
Two increment with held with on cumulative effect.
27.12.2000 to 3.4.2001 ----- in Service.
4.4.2001 to 18.12.2002 ------Under Suspension , Suspension vacated and the period will be treated as in Service.
19.12.2002 to till date ------ In regular service.

4. On 20-08-2010, BSEB have adopted the Sixth Pay Recommendation and made it effective from 1.01.06 ( Arrear notional up to 31.03.07, Arrear in cash from 1.04.07 to 31.05.09 )and also adopted MACP and called it MACP-2010, vide Notification No 134 dt 20.08.2010 and made it effective from 1.01.2009, wherein, the grade pays , shall change in the Hierarchy at the milestone fixed as 8-8-8 years, thereby quashing the previous old time bound scheme. All other clauses of MACP-2010 adopted by BSEB is same as that of the MACP notified by DOPT, GOI.
My case seems fit in all respects for admissibility of the benefits of financial up gradation under MACP-2010 from 1.11.2005 on completion of first mile stone of eight years of services ( As per Clause No 09 and 23 of MACP-2010). As per the Sixth Pay Recommendation, both the pay scale(s) i.e. {7850 -275-10050-300-13650} and {8125-275-10050-300-13650} have now been put under the same pay band of {15600-39100} and under same Grade Pay of {5500}.
Now I completed 13 (Thirteen) years of my service as enumrated above in point no 3, and that too in the same scale of pay without any promotional or financial benefit.
In the context of above facts and MACP rules/clauses, following clarification regarding MACP is solicited;
1.Is the scale of “controller” {7850 -275-10050-300-13650} and “Assistant Executive Engineer” {8125-275-10050-300-13650} of GTO cadre same/ equivalent or not.
2.Since when my regular service will be counted for the purpose of MACP .ie, from 1.11.97 (date of appointment ) or from 26.09.2002 (date of encadrement ).Will the period of DIES NON be consideed in service or not What should be my “Regular Service” period to be taken into reckoning for consideration of MACP benefits?
3.At what time I become eligible for 1ST ACP implementation and 2nd ACP implementation, as per MACP-2010.considering my 13 (Thirteen) years of my regular service without any service break and that too in the same scale of pay without any promotional or financial benefit.
4.What about my surplus service if financial up gradation under MACP-2010 is sanctioned from 1.01.2009 (Date of implementation of MACP-2010).
5. Can I claim my arrear under MACP-2010, if it’s implemented in my case from 1.01.09.

In the light of above facts, it is therefore requested to examine my case and reply me clarifications sought point wise along with mention of relevant MACP clause No. etc. at the earliest possible with respect to the admissibility of financial up gradation under MACP-2010 to me considering eight years of my regular continuous service from the date of my appointment (1.11.1997).