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Thread: Anomaly in Pay fixation & Seniority

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    Default Anomaly in Pay fixation & Seniority

    During our recruitment procedure for the vacancy of 1995, a CAT case was file by the 6 candidates due to which recruitment procedure got slow. As a result all the candidates of 1995 were called for re-exam along with the candidates of 1996. The total vacancy was in the year 1995 is 33.

    Of late, due to long pendency of CAT case, The dept. shows it necessity of manpower and obtained approval for filling up 27 post (out of 33) of 1995 and all the post of 1996. Accordingly appointment given to all the candidates of 1995 (except 6) & 1996 on dated 20.08.2000. But we got appointment on 29.05.2004 after the CAT case was resolved. Though we don't had made the CAT case. but our appointment was pending till the settlement of the case. Atlast, the Order of the CAT was go in favour of the Dept and we got the appointment. The CAT order made on dtd. April'2003 but our appointment was given on May'2004. Thats a huge time which was waste before our appointment, due to which we are getting Pay & all service benefits....

    However, it has clearly mentioned everywhere that the Candidates of 1995 shall rank senior to the candidates of 1996 though recruitment made simultaneously. Even, in our selection letter on Sept’2003 it also has clearly stated up. But since our joining in the Dept. we are getting less Pay from the candidates of recruited for 1996 though I’m senior to them. But the Dept. has shows me senior in its seniority list without any Pay benefit.

    Kindly clarify…………..
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    Dear friend,

    There is no anomaly in your case. There is no fast rule that a senior who joined later must draw equal or more salary than the junior who joined much earlier.

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    i need some help in the TA/DA matters.. so i am sending an query about this..
    sir, what are the rules for the transportation allowances if the government officer is on temporary duty out of station for more than 180 days..
    actually i am not getting Transport allowances as i am on Temporary duty ( on course) for more than 180 days..
    whether i am eligible or not?
    please clarify..
    if u have got some references ( MOs) please send it across..

    [email protected]

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