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Thread: Dependent family pensioner for LTC

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    Default Dependent family pensioner for LTC

    The criteria for deciding the dependant pensioner of an employee has been modified with the term "LINKED TO MINIMUM PENSION" NOW. The minimum pension/family pension now is Rs.3500/= in all cases.

    One whose pension/family pension is Rs.3500/=, the minimum pension, can be considered as wholly dependant of the govt. servant or not?. To put it in simple terms: who is not eligible, one who is getting more than the minimum pension or who is getting 3500 and above?

    Some one can clarify the correct interpretation of 'linked to minimum pension'.
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    Earlier the criteria for dependency was income from all sources not to exceed Rs.1,500/-. Intermittently DP was introduced which created a lot of confusion on income limit for dependency. Probably that is why now the definition of dependancy has been linked with the minimum pension with dearness relief thereon. Earlier dearness relief was excluded from dependancy criteria.

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    Respected Shri Sudaji
    Income from all sources should not exceed 3500+DA(27%) for dependency criteria. If some one is getting pension Rs.3500 +DR, he will be eligible to be declared as dependent till that time his pension increased the minimum amount.
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    Default Dependent family member

    My colleague is having three children one of them is married and other two are unmarried. He applied for LTC for self wife and two children , but my office has rejected his claim on the plea that he is eligible to claim ltc for two eldest children. However as per ltc rules definition of family as per ltc rule is two surviving children. Can some one may please whether in this case he will be granted ltc for two children or one child

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