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Thread: Ad-hoc promotion

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    Default Ad-hoc promotion

    One of my junior has got adhoc promotion (promoted with out following any selection procedure or seniority; but only due to availabilty of post at his working place) in the year 2000 and hence, his pay is more than me. I was also given ad-hoc promotion from 09.05.08, but till then my pay is less than my junior. whether our ad-hoc promotion will be considered for 6CPC fixation? If so, can I claim parity with my junior? on 01.01.2006, my basic pay was Rs. 6650/- in scale 5000-8000. subsequent to ad-hoc promotion basic pay fixed as Rs.7250/- in scale 5500-9000 wef 09.05.2008. How this ad-coc promotion will affect my fixation? Please clarify.

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    If the ad-hoc promotion is 5 or more than 5 years old. it will be considered as any other promotion as far as fixation of salary is considered.

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