Dear Friends,

Earlier the salary was being disbursed in cash and therefore, we could deduct the association subscription through table recovery as per the check off system (By the way, where is the 'Check Off' System defined?).

But now the salary is paid through bank account. i.e. The Pay Accounts Office sends the cheque for salary after deudction of PF, CGEIS, CGHS and instalment towards advances. The balance amount has to be paid through bank account.

(a) So we can not make a table recovery beause if not paid in full, audit will object and we can not write off the pay bill amount in full ;

(b) In case we receive back the amount for subscription it amounts to a person paying on behalf of others like for e.g. LET US SAY a few persons do not want membership but are shown as members and their subscriptions paid by the leader/member. This defeats the very purpose of verification of membership and therefore (I think) the Check off system was formed. In such a case how to go about it?

(c) Similarly, in case of Group A officers, the Pay Accounts office directly pays the salary to the saving accounts of officers in the banks. Then what control do we have to recover and remit the dues for Officers' associations?

Any guidance is welcome.