dear member,

you are aware that as a central government employee we are automatically covered by CS(MA) rules. but the problem with CS(MA) is that it automatically ceases the day CG employee retires.

many CG emplyoee don't become member of CGHS as they don't have cghs facility in their city inturn they get benefit of Rs 100 per month in their salary.

but my advice is that it is not advisable not to become CGHS memeber just because your city is not having the cghs facility.

see cghs gives you opd facility as well as indoor treatment facility in recognised hospitals. now if you are staying in non cghs city you will not get OPD treatment.

but what i have seen is that many retired employess get hospitalised under emergency (like Bypass, gastro problem etc) and they spent all their savings in treatment. if your memeber of CGHS then as per the rule of CGHS you can take treatement from any hospital in case of emergency and atleast you get the reimbursement as per CGHS rate after submission of the bills. so don't miss to become cghs card memeber just because your city doesn't has CGHS facility.

other alternative. if you are retiring in next 4-5 years and you are going to settle in the city not havng CGHS facility then please take some medical insurance policy (above Rs 1 Lakhs). don't make any calim till you retire. make claim from your respective organisation. so you will get non claim bonus from insurance company. many insurance company has some period ranging from 6months -2 years during which you cannot claim for certain diseases. in such cases also you become eligible when you retire. don't wait till you retire and take the policy soon as many insurance company dont entertain you when your 60 and above.