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Thread: Salary / pension / tax calculator 2010-11

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    Default Salary / pension / tax calculator 2010-11

    A new type of salary/pension/tax calculator

    Sir/Ma'am, I have recently joined as junior member and I want to share a new calculator which I have designed on Excel file. It can show many figures on a single sheet and it is good for four category of taxpayers.
    1- It shows every months salary or pension for full year with breakup figures.
    2- Shows HRA as per class of cities allowing 10%,20%,30%as per class.
    3- Allows permissible rent deduction if rent is being paid.
    4- Shows permissible deduction for TA
    5- Allows inclusion of income from house property.
    6- Allows deductions under 80C and some others.
    7- Calculates the tax and shows the amount in different tax slabs as well.
    8- Allows agriculture income for rate purpose.
    9- Shows how much amount can be still invested under 80C.
    10- Shows how much tax can be saved if 80 C limit is not exhausted yet.
    11- The calculator is for five categories of employees, male ,female, pensioners, senior citizen.
    12- Shows enhanced pension if over 80 years.
    13- Shows increment amount.
    14- Show salary or pension increase with DA increase.
    15- If reemployed after retirement , includes monthly consultancy for tax calculations.

    IMPORTANT - There may be some inadvertent inaccuracy in this calculator due to my limited knowledge on Excel and income tax rules. I hope any inaccuracy will show if you compare my results with your salary slip and tax deductions.



    The above address is to be written in the address bar only.

    Baljeet Singh 11/11/2010
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