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Thread: Child Care Leave to male employees

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    Member Raj Kishore Sharma is on a distinguished road
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    Default Child Care Leave to male employees

    The sixth Pay commission's recommendation to grant Child Care leave to the female Government employees and its implementation is a welcome step. At least needy mothers (read Government employees) will get some relief while taking care of their two children.

    But my mind is perturbed by two things. One, if encouraging female Government employees for breast feeding their children is the spirit behind this leave then why it is made available to them upto the age of 18 years of their child. Second, if rearing and taking care of the child is the central point behind this leave, then why the fathers (again read Government employees) have been kept out of the loop.

    The 6th CPC and the bosses in the DOPT have failed to visualize that there are conditions where male employee too needs leave only for the sake of his children. Does a widowed male employees not need CCL? There are instances where both mother and father are employed at different and distant stations and each one keeps one child with her/him. Do both of them not need CCL?

    It would have been prudent to have CCL allowed to both of the spouses upto a combined limit of 730 days in their entire service.

    I have brought this need to the notice of office bearers of the JCM on 5/1/2009 but do not know whether this has been considered in the staff side and demanded.

    Raj Kishore Sharma

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    I already commented on this issue in the past. In fact it was the recommendations of UNICEF to encourage breast feeding the maternity leave should be for two years. But in India vote bank is supreme and politics is there, the government taken it in other way and woo women employees, child care leave has been introduced thereby disturbing the functioning in an organisation and burden on male employees. Child care leave is a bonanza for women employee who shirk work

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    Pl. see my model application for extension of child care leave to male employees. Irrespective of being female or male, after tender age itis the joint responsibility. Think of male employees whose wives work in organizations where this facility is not available or male employees who have lost their wives. Even otherwise, also in the cases of male employees whose wives are housewives, at times of needs like examination/sickness, the male also avails EL for this purpose. I have prepared a model representation and Mr.Pathak has suggested me to post this in discussion forum also. Here is the link for CCL model application prepared by me. If the Admn. does not yield, take this upto CAT and win. It is not a tough task because as per Equal Remuneration Act, there shd not be any discrimination in remuneration of cash or kind in work on the basis of gender. This Act came into existence to protect the rights of women employees. But, the male is going to use the same tool to get equal rights. All the best. here is the link for model application: http://onlyparity.blogspot.com/2010/...plication.html

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