Dear Friends,

When I had joined the on line RTI Course conducted by the DOPT and CGG Hyderabad, I had the opportunity to read the Case-Law Digest of CIC through which a lot of knowledge on the subject could be gained.

But after having completed the course, now I do not have access to the said case-laws, which might have been updated incorporating various fresh rulings/cases.

I am planning to purchase a CIC Case Law Digest through office which consists of 3 volumes and costs around Rs. 3000/- . But after some time, even this would become outdated and I may have to seek fresh publication.

But if there is a way to keep accessing the case law digest on line at the RTI site, then , I think, this problem would be solved.

I tried to register my name once again but the site is not accepting since my email id is same and I do not want to enter with another ID. I want to let them know that I was lucky to pass the first time with good marks and want to enter only to learn more case laws . Moreover, if I join once again, I think I will be depriving some new applicant of his chance since only limited number of people appear to be taken in each batch.

So any advice in this regard, Sirs?