I have joined ADRIN, Department of Space on 27.07.2001 as Technical Assistant 'B' in Scale - 5000-150-8000. On 01.10.2004 I was promoted to Technical Assistant' C' and my scale became 5500-175-9000. In February 2006, there were scale upgradation in Department of Space, due to which our scale was upgraded to 6500-200-10500 from 01.04.2006 and my basic pay was fixed on Rs 6500/-. After 6th Pay Commision implemententation, due to lack of information I have opted for 01.01.2006 as my date for pay fixation, instead of 01.04.2006. I want to know how much I will be benefitted if I opt for 01.04.2006 as date of pay fixation. In department of Space, grade pay of Rs.4600/- is given with pre-revised 6500-200-9000 scale.

Please clarify that 01.04.2006 will be considered as my date of promotion in the revised option and my pay will be fixed directly in grade of Rs Rs 4600/-(Rs. 12540+4600) or it will be fixed as Rs. 6500*1.86=12090+4600/-