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Thread: Gradepay Problem

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    Default Gradepay Problem

    My Service particulars are as under

    Date of Joining Service : 01-May-87 (4000-100-6000) as HSK
    Date of 1st ACP : 01-May-99 (5000-150-8000)

    Since there is no 4500-125-7000 scale in organization/hierarchy,
    I was given 5000-150-9000 scale as 1st ACP with effect from 01-May-99.

    My Basic pay as on 01-01-06 is 5900 in 5000-150-8000 scale ,

    I have no promotion till 01 Jul 07.

    As per my presumption I suppose to get a grade of 4200 w.e.f 01-01-06, and my
    second ACP would be on 01-May-07 (20 years) with a grade pay of 4600. Contrary
    to my expectations I was given a grade pay of 2400 as per my designation despite
    of my holding a scale of 5000-150-9000 as on 01-01-2006. This seems to be a
    deliberate misinterpretation of the recommendations, I am going to loose about
    Rs 50,000/- in arrears due to this wrong fixation.

    I would be thankful if you could clarify my following doubts.

    1. What “Grade Pay” I should get w.e.f 01-01-06 ?

    2. I shall be completing 20 years of service (without any promotion) on
    01-May-2007. When should I get my 2nd ACP? and with what grade pay?

    3.How is the grade-pay fixed ? as per designation or as per Scale ?

    4. How do I seek clarification from DOPT?

    Please mail to [email protected]

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    Your 1st ACP in May 1999 in 5000-8000
    as on 1.1.2006 you should get grade pay of Rs.4200
    Since you will be completing 10 years continuously in the same grade in May 2009, your grade pay will be 4600 from May 2009 being 2nd acp

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    since ACP orders are not issued only these can be replied

    1.Your Grade Pay will be 4200/-
    2. Grade Pay is fixed on the basis of scale in which someone was drawing pay as on 1/1/2006 and not on the basis of designation. Where it is written that pay will be fixed as per designation. AGAR AISA HOTA TO HER FITMENT TABLE KE HEADING PAR DESIGNATION BHI LIKHA HOTA. YE RULE KA MISINTERPRETATION NAHIN HAI, USKA MURDER HAI.
    3. though there is no need to seek clarification from DoP&T on this issue. You may seek it through RTI act by writing PIO of DoP&T with postal order/dd of Rs.10/- take the address from Min. of pp&G website AUR THROUGH THE REPLY ON THE FACE OF YOUR ACCOUNTS PEOPLE.

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    Default grade pay problem

    shall be grateful if you could give me a reply for this

    I am a LDC after two ACP working in the scale of 5000-150-8000 from August 2000. My Basic pay on 1.1.2006 is 5750. I would like to know what grade pay I would get on fixation on 1.1.2006. GP 4200 according to the scale, 5000-150-8000 or 2400 according to hierarchy of scales in the list.

    Ist appointment of LDC in the scale of 3050-75-3950-80-4590 (Grade pay 1900)
    since in the hierarchy there are scales
    3200-85-4590(grade pay 2000)
    4000-100-6000 (Grade Pay 2400)
    4500-125-7000(Grade pay 2800)
    and then comes 5000-150-8000 (with grade pay 4200)

    I got ACP according to the post in the office i.e. LDC to UDC scale and then from UDC to Assistant Scale. Since the revised ACP is according to the hierarchy of scales/grade pay would I get 4200 as GP or 2400 . It may please be noted I got all my ACPs before 1.1.2006 Can the revised ACP change what I have already got before 1.1.2006

    I shall be grateful for a reply.

    [email protected]

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