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Thread: LTC Entitlement

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    Default LTC Entitlement

    I joined govt service in May 2004. My wife is in govt service since 1996. Both have same hometown.
    She has claimed one hometown LTC in Sept 2006 (for block 2004-05).
    Now my query is:
    How many hometown/anywhere LTCs for family can I avail for me and my family till 31.12.2008 as per new LTC Rules (For Fresh Recruits)?

    My calculation:

    2 concessions are available for 2006-07 which can be claimed till 31.12.2008.
    So I can take
    (i) one hometown for 2006-07.
    (ii) one LTC to anywhere in India for 2006-07
    (iii) one hometown for block 2008-09

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    Dear Vivek
    Please see the Govt of India site for detailed order on LTC entitlements. Orders releases yesterday.

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