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Thread: Master software required ???

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    Default Master software required ???

    Dear members,
    After reading and trying to understand the procedures, discussions , debates and all in fixation of pay consequent on 6th pay commission, I have in mind a strong desire -
    My wish is :

    The will be a committee of Rule-makers, software programmers and pay fixation expetise - this committee will prepare a master software program (especially in excel) so that to fix pay of any officer the pay clerks need to enter data like
    existing pay , date of entry/promotion , length of service, .. and other key input- so that we get a print out of solution for many problems including --- pay fixation , on promotion, new entries, pay anamolies, especially MACP and many many problems.

    Of course it may take one month or more to prepare such program. Can we expect such "Master Programme" or am I greedy ?!!!!!

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    Such a software must be a part of the pay commission reports, you may please see the SPARK programme by the Government of Kerala
    It is high time that such a programme be implemented in the central government alson
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