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Thread: Stolen my Password of GConnect

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    Member krishnan09 is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2010

    Default Stolen my Password of GConnect

    Dear friends,
    The readers of GConnect might have noticed that somebody is trying to imitate my name in the chatterbox and now these persons with cunning motto debunked and ultimately stolen my Password. Today (16.5.2010) from morning 6.00am to evening 6.00 p.m, I was away from computer and home for attending a marriage function. when I opened the GConnect chatter box in the evening, I astonished to note that somebody has given statement in my ID (krishnan09) by stealing my password at 10.43am, 10.44 am, 10.45 am and 10.47 a.m.

    Through this attempt, that fellow cheated the GConnect, me and the readers. So all readers/users be cautious.

    Now their attempt may be that I should not give statements in GConnect.

    Any way I am quitting from GConnect service and I am thankful to the administration of GConnect and readers for the fecilities provided. Please remember that I will not be responsible for any positive or negative statements spreads in the ID krishnan09, krishnan or similar IDs.

    I am also requesting GConnect to block such statement when attempting by such intruders in the ID krishnan09 or krishnan.

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    Senior Member Ramnath is on a distinguished road
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    Default What is the procedure for change of password in discussion board and for chat box

    I request Admn. of Gconnect to inform the procedure for change of passwords for Discussion forum and Chatter box. That would be helpful for members to avoid recurrence of such incidents.

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    Senior Member prasannakumar is on a distinguished road
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    Payyanur, Kerala

    Default stolen password

    Dear Mr. Krishnan
    Please do not get disheartened and take it into stride. Please continue in the forum. My humble request to all G.connectors is not to misuse this esteemed forum.

    Prasanna Kumar

    PS: Is it possible for the administrators to do something?

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    Senior Member RKPATHAK is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Default Stolen password

    Do not lose heartsimply change your password

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