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Thread: Fixation of pay on grant of two MACP on 01-9-2008.

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    Default Fixation of pay on grant of two MACP on 01-9-2008.

    I would like to know whether an individual if getting two upgradations under MACP say second and third on 01-9-2008 itself whether he will get two increment benefits @3% or not? Our CDA is of the opinion that it will be one 3% increment only.

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    Dear Friend

    In my opinion he will get 2 increment benefits @ 3 % as per Rule 22 of MACP order. Even though this rule is about Group "A", this can be applicable to other cases also.

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    He will get two increments. This is in order. We have done it for all in our office. If it is not given the individual has the right to represent to the appropriate authority and wait for 6 weeks for a satisfactory reply or implementation failing which he has right to sue the CDO and the appointing authority.

    The basic problem with these CDO and other authorities is that they always look into the order negatively and find ways how not to deprive the benefits to play safe. The purpose of the MACP order is to give promotional benefits to the government employee who is stagnating for years together. Hence, the MACP is to be looked into with a view to extend the benefit given by the Government not to search for ways to play hindrance in implementing the legislative intent.

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    I agree that you should get 3% on both MACPs. Only if you had been granted a promotion after having got a MACP, your pay would have been fixed granting only the difference of the Grade Pay. In this case you have qualified two stages of MACP.

    However, i am curious.....when did you get your first promotion?? because if you hadnt got any promotion at all..... you would have got your first ACP on completion of 12 yrs service and would have remained eligible for 2nd ACP on completion of 24 years.

    The only scenario where you qualify for 2nd and 3rd MACP seems like you must have got your promotion 3 years from date of joining service.

    I would definitely like know your service details.


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