Windows 7 installation does not include several applications that came bundled with earlier versions of Windows. Applications like Windows Mail, Windows Messenger, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery were automatically installed with earlier versions of Windows but are no longer included in Windows 7.

This is primarily due to the various legal issues that arose out of Microsoft bundling free non-core applications with Windows. However, if you are used to using the above programs, you can still get them for free but you need to download it separately. Microsoft now offers these applications for free download as part of the new Windows Live Essentials program. As part of this program, the names of the programs have been changed to include “Windows Live” in the title. Also, a few new programs have also been made available.

Here is what you can download for free:
  1. Windows Live Family Safety (This helps to monitor and control your children’s Internet access.
  2. Windows Live Mail
  3. Windows Live Messenger
  4. Windows Live Photo Gallery
  5. Windows Live Movie Maker
  6. Windows Live Toolbar
  7. Windows Live Writer (for creating blogs posts)
To download and install any or all of these applications, follow these steps:
  1. Point your web browser to and click the Download button.
  2. When you see the File Download dialog box, click Run.
  3. If you see a User Account Control prompt, click Yes.

4. *You will see the Windows Live window. Check those applications you want to install.Click install to begin the download and installation.

That’s all to it. You can now begin using the applications.
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