In response to my earlier post on Suresh Addin, I have received several emails and comments asking for how to install the addin in Excel 2007/2010. The original post only had instructions on how to install the addin in earlier versions of Excel.

So here I describe how to add the Suresh Addin, or for that matter any Excel Addin in the newer versions.

As I only have Office 2010 installed on my computer, I will be using screenshots from that but if I remember right, the process is almost exactly the same in Excel 2007 too.

1. Start up Excel and click on File > Options.

2. In the options window, click on Add-Ins.

3. In the Add-ins options, right at the bottom, you will find the Manage option. Make sure that Excel Add-ins is selected in the drop-down box and click on the Go button.

4. The Add-Ins window that appears is the same as in the older versions of Excel. Click on the Browse button and select the Addin you want to add and click Ok.

You can now start using the Addin in your Worksheets.
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