Respected knowledgeable friends,
I am under transfer and am in high need to get clarification on these queries to tackle the Transfer TA Bill settlement problems: Plz give your solutions:

1. What is the meaning of "a Place Connected by Rail". Does it mean that the RAILWAY STATION is in the name of That Place at which the Govt. Servant is working
A Railway Station situated within some FIXED distance/ peripheri from the Place at which the Govt. Servant is working
The Railway Station which is situated within the District in which the Govt. Servant is working

2. For "Places Connected by Rail", the Personal Effects' cost is regulated by Rates applicable for GOODS train for that distance. My point is- If the Starting place has a very small grade Railway Station where Personal Effects' can be booked only under LUGGAGE rates and not under Parcel or Goods rate, can the bill be settled under Luggage rates?

I shall remain very grateful if gets any suitable explanation on my abovesaid queries.