Whatever be the size of your monitor, you would definitely not want to waste any precious screen space. But take any application, be it a Web browser, word processor, or other application, you would find that the omnipresent toolbars take up a significant portion of the screen space. If you would rather expand your software so that it fills the screen, here are the shortcuts to switch some of the most popular software to full-screen.

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer: Press to toggle the browser’s full-screen mode.

Google Docs: F turns off the Google toolbars; restores them. You can also use the key instead.

iTunes: F enables full-screen mode when you’re in Cover Flow view. restores standard view.

Excel and Word: Press V, and then U to enable the application’s full-screen mode. gets you out of it.

Windows Media Player: While you’re in the Now Playing view, press for full-screen mode; press to return.

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