Have you ever wanted to let a friend quickly borrow your windows computer, but didnít want to worry about them looking through the other applications that you have open, like, maybe an instant messenger window? One way would be to save and close all the other applications before you hand over the machine to your friend.

But there is a better way. There is this tiny piece of freeware from Duriosoft.info called LockThis that was created for situations just like this. LockThis password protects your minimized applications. Just press the Control key as you click on the minimize button on the application window. Now, anyone who wants to restore the minimized applications would first need to enter a password before they can view the application.

LockThis works with almost all applications but could have problems with some apps. For instance, LockThis does not work with Firefox. Also, do not expect mere folder windows to be protected upon minimization.

The default password is LockThis!. Do remember to change it upon installation.

Download LockThis!

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