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Thread: Pay during Joining Time

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    Default Pay during Joining Time


    One of our officers recently joined our office after passing UPSC Exam. He was earlier posted in Jabalpur and was in a lower post and scale. Now after passing the exam he has joined our office on a higher post and scale. His LPC states that he has been relieved from his previous office on 19.09.2009 (AN). His posting order in our Ministry says he joined this Ministry on 22.09.2009 (FN). 20 and 21 were Saturdy and sunday. Now my questions are

    i) is he eligible for joining time
    ii) is salary payable for joining time
    iii) if salary is payable, then who will be paying the salary, his previous office or his present office ?

    kindly clarify.

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    Default joining time related questions

    The querist may refer to the same question and answers appearing in some other section (Pay fixation).

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